Missionary Training

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July 2020 At present 102 countries, 1,417 families, 2,557 people GMS missionaries are preaching the gospel.

Missionary Training

GMS Missionary Candidates are given their rights to enter the program by standards such as the Sending church must be under the affiliation of the General Assembly of Presbyterian Church, and must complete the GMTI and LMTC programs which hold a systematic and professional missionary cultivation procedure offered by the GMS Training Board

GMS Training Board plays a crucial role in training and sending missionaries of the General Assembly of Presbyterian Church.
One must complete the training procedures given by the GMS Training Board to become a GMS Missionary.
Those with certification of completion of GMTI can apply for long-term missionary.
LMTC trainee can only apply for short-term missionary.

GMTI (Global Missionary Training Institute)

GMS Training Board training program offered to train long-term missionaries.
All training requires both husband and wife to receive training.
There is the Regular Course and the Special Course.

LMTC(Local Missionary Training Course)

Regional Lay Missionary training Course
GMS is implementing regional mission training courses to train lay missionaries. It is in desperate need for professional lay missionaries in hostile regions with Islam, Communist, and some Buddhist and Hinduist background rather than a pastoral centered mission. The LMTC is not only a founding ground for professional lay missionaries, but the missionaries who have completed its course are becoming a driving force for missional activities within the church.

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